Zinc Services

ASM Quality Assurance

experienced, third-party zinc & architectural metal specialists




Zinc Services provides credible architectural sheet metal support to architects, building owners, roof consultants, metal fabricators, system providers, and installation contractors who want to improve metal roof and façade performance and efficiency with better design and installation quality assurance. With over 25 years of direct zinc experience, our team is capable of offering best-practice solutions to the project team for titanium-zinc and other architectural metals.

Zinc roof & façade consulting services for:

  • Architects: independent Design Assistance & Best Practices without direct zinc manufacture or distributor prejudice
  • Building Owners: existing zinc roofing, wall cladding, & exterior evaluations
  • Installation Contractors: Crafted-metal Training/ Shop Drawings/ Engineering/QA Planning
  • General Contractors: Project bid/scope review evaluation; CA/ progress inspections




Contact us if you’d like help with your zinc project:   info@e-roof.com

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