Color-coated Steel

Why Color-Coated Steel?

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What is GreenCoat Pro BT?                            

GreenCoat™ is the premium color-coating brand of SSAB.  GreenCoat Pro BT and other GreenCoat products carrying the “BT” (Bio-based Technology) in the product name are advanced color coatings that have replaced a substantial portion of the fossil-based solvents with Swedish rapeseed oil.  GreenCoat Pro BT is the most environmentally considerate coil-coated metal in the World.  A significant step to reducing the carbon footprint of prepainted steel, consider specifying GreenCoat Pro BT or one of the other GreenCoat “BT” products for your next metal roof or facade application.


Why GreenCoat?

SSAB produces products that help raise the bar for environmental consideration.  Long before any legislative mandate, SSAB removed the lead and cadmium (know health hazards) from the paint they used.  Since then they removed potentially harmful isocyanurates and now chromates (& hexavalent chromium) from the steel pre-treatments and primer long before many companies in North America have taken any first steps.  Removing petroleum-based products in favor of bio-based ingredients and other SSAB product decisions have been the right thing to do.  Considerate materials like GreenCoat BT pose fewer health concerns, ensure a sustainable raw material supply, and help move our industry toward a sustainable future.


Covering this thin metallic coating with an added layer of paint, coil-coating is a super-efficient method of applying paint to metals and offers a duplex strategy against steel corrosion.



Premium Color-Coated Steel:
The GreenCoat™ brand of colorful steel offers a wide range of paint formulations to suite different application and environmental conditions.  Unlike many other steel suppliers, SSAB offers several grades of structural and foldable steels specifically for architectural applications.  The GreenCoat portfolio offers a diverse combination of physical and ecological properties that allows an architect to specify the best combination of paint & metal attributes for the project.
For secondary corrosion protection, S280GD and other structural steel substrates have 275 g/m2 (G90) galvanized coating prior to color coating.  All GreenCoat PLX foldable steel has 350g/ m2 (G115 galvanizing) as the standard corrosion protection in addition to the paint.

Refer to the GreenCoat color chart for standard color choices for each individual GreenCoat product:
  • GreenCoat Pro BT
  • GreenCoat PLX Pro BT
  • GreenCoat Mica BT
  • GreenCoat Pural BT
  • GreenCoat Hiarc

        GreenCoat™ color chart .pdf (2017)

        GreenCoat™ Environmental Product Declaration (2018 pdf file)


                             1.  only BT products have the Bio-Technology with rapeseed oil

                                     2.  Custom colors including 500+ RAL colors require > 25,000 sf quantities and additional lead-times

                                     3.  Please contact us regarding availability of non-standard colors when project requirements are < 25,000 sf

                                    4.  all GreenCoat products have a standard 2-coat concealed surface coating


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