Generally, light-gauge sheet metals provide an efficient means to protect the buildingive covering of all varieties offer an efficient use of material (s provide the opportunity for maximum design flexibility and the possibility for daring or pragmatic solutions while also solving multiple problems relating to economic, ecological, and durability issues.  While pros and cons for all materials exist, metals often deliver the best combination of properties for your roof or facade applications.  Metals offer many advantages:

  • color                       natural aesthetics, hundreds of RAL color options, super-efficient paint application
  • crafted                    traditional-metal detailing options as an alternative to modern “cut & caulk” practices
  • considerate          optimized for weight, metal utilization, panel dimensions, bio-content, reuse, recycling


Which metal for your current application?  … that depends on your expectations:

  • Durability / Service Life                              20, 40, 60, 80, 100 years?
  • Aesthetics / color options                           metallic, solid/variegated, grey,
  • Carbon footprint / eco-issues                    embodied energy
  • Mechanical properties                                 yield strength is often more important than tensile strength!
  • Panel Profile / system assembly                panel dimensions, flatness/ oil-canning tolerance,
  • Economics/ First Cost                                  pay now, pay later


Why pre-painted steel?

Pre-painted steel is a superb cladding material when you consider its high strength-to-weight ratio, low rate of expansion, low maintenance and relative low material cost.  Available in a wide range of strengths (soft to full hard), color-coated steel can satisfy the budget while providing the design team greater flexibility.



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