Finding the metal that fits your qualifications & expectations?

Criteria for material comparisons:

  • Environmental profile (EPD, C2C, Carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Aesthetic properties (natural color, color treatments, color coatings, gloss, texture, etc.)
  • Mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, malleability, etc.)
  • Sheet, Coil, & Profile options (min/max width, thickness, sheet utilization, flatness, etc.)
  • Cost (economic, drop/ sheet efficiency, environmental, life-cycle, etc.)


Why pre-painted steel for building exteriors?

Coated steel is a superb cladding material when you consider its high strength-to-weight ratio, low rate of expansion, and relative low material cost.  Available in both commercial grade (CS) and low-carbon mild steel with increased formability, prefinished steel can provide the designer with a combination of aesthetic and functional advantages.  While prefinished steel may not have the extensive durability offered by natural metals, when properly maintained they can last the life of a building.  Architects should optimize the steel selection to fit the panel seaming requirements.


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