Metal Shingles


Why Flat Metal Shingles?

Flat-lock joints provide a effective defense against rain penetration and wind uplift when the roof slope is steep and all four (4) sides are interlocked with another shingle or roof-edge trim.  There are many prefabricated metal shingles on the market with individual units covering 2 sf – 5 sf per shingle.  The manageable panel size allows installers to work independently on the roof and simplifies custom cuts.  Interlocking metal shingles are more resource efficient than other materials relying on redundancy and large headlaps.  Metal shingles can also be more wind-resistant, and have improved weather resistance compared to lapped shingles made from (asphalt-composite, wood, or slate).  Consider one of the following warranted metal roof systems:
 Oxford Shingle provides the aesthetic of 8 individual tiles with varied widths delivered on Isaiah’s largest flat-lock shingle profile.  Indirectly fasted with clips across the top edge, Oxford has a 12” x 60” exposure (5 sf/ panel) and 5/8” horizontal-seam butt that provides a medium shadow-line affect.  The largest Isaiah shingle, Oxford requires fewer pieces for improved labor efficiency compared to many other 4-way interlocking shingles.  The standard Oxford Shingle is offered in Aluminum (95% recycled content) with woodgrain, pebble, or smooth texture.  Oxford can also be fabricated from copper or zinc offering a variety of  finish (mill or preweathered), alloy, and surface-textures.




Centura Steel Shingle also provides the aesthetic of 8 narrow and variable-width tiles stamped into a mid-sized interlocking shingle.  The 12” x 39” exposure (3.25 sf/ panel) and thin 3/8” horizontal butt thickness creates a subtle shadow line that allows the panel paint finish to enhance this low shadow-line roof aesthetic.  Centura provides an extra installation efficiency with its integral nailing flange that eliminates the use of separate fastening clips.  With the shorter panel length and reduced expansion rate from the steel substrate, Centura is attached to the plywood or OSB deck with five (5) fasteners (min.) that pins the panel as installed without any measurable expansion provisions.  Centura Steel Shingle offers 8 standard color options including a textured matte PVDF paint or 2-color faux cedar/or slate print coating to give designers added aesthetics options.






Great American Shake (GAS) offers a high definition woodgrain aesthetic with deep joint reveals between the four (4) individual shake joints and embossed woodgrain texture.  The small 12” x 24” panel exposure (2 sf coverage) and the 1.125” horizontal butt help GAS achieve a more realistic “heavy shake” shadow.  Offered in Aluminum (95% recycled content) and Steel (35% recycled),  Great American Shake is the smallest Isaiah tiles but offers high wind resistance and a rugged look.



RoofAquaGuard brand roof underlayments allow the architect an opportunity to specify a “single-source” roof warranty for their client.  Isaiah Industries supplies synthetic felts, self-adhered “ice & water” membranes, breathable membrane sheets, and a ventilation mat that improves the functionality of the roof assembly and eliminates the possibility of secondary supplier product responsibility.  Improve the value of the warranty by specifying a RoofAquaGuard membrane & Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) mat in the system assembly. RoofAquaGuard brochure.


Roof Warranty.  For design professionals who specify an Isaiah metal shingle system, e-Roof can help with ensuring the details and installation contractors qualify for an Isaiah limited 40-year non-prorated warranty.  Coverage for the building owner includes but is not limited to protection against winds up to 120 mph, leakage caused by hail impact, and all manufacturing defects with separate 30-year paint warranty to ensure aesthetic and functional performance.  Contact Us for additional full-system warranty coverage options for all Isaiah roof systems.

Why Isaiah Industries?

Isaiah Industries has been manufacturing metal roof systems since 1980.  Highlighting three (3) interlocking flat-seam shingle profiles, a standing-seam profile for lower slopes (or a complimentary aesthetic), and a variety of roof underlayments allow the specifier to create a single-source system design.  Each prefabricated metal roof provides a unique shadow line and surface texture for a variety of aesthetics.  Each 4-way interlocking system leverages the superior detailing opportunities that metal provides making each technically superior to cedar, asphalt, & slate, while providing a tested and proven system with meaningful performance, warranty, and aesthetic options.


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