Metal Roofs


Why Specify a Metal Roof System Package?
A precision manufactured metal shingle system offers product consistency, ease of installation, and a high-value solution when comparing cost and accounting for the added service life of the metal. Factory-formed standing-seam panels also ensure the quality of a tested seam, trusted low-slope applications, and beautiful vertical seam aesthetics.  Access to multiple panel profiles for the same project allows one manufacture to retain responsibility without any interruption in roof continuity and service.  Drom the single-source supply perspective, purchasing accessory components (clips, fasteners, sealant, etc.) is often a warranty requirement by the system manufacturer.  Other roof assembly components (self-adhered underlayment, ventilation mat, synthetic felt, penetration boots, etc.) may create more extensive warranty coverage by broadening the scope of responsibility and total sale price of the system.   Paying more often does provide more coverage.


Why Specify Profiles & Individual Components?

Designing commercially available roll-formed or SMACNA shop fabricated panel profiles with standard or custom roof-edge flashings produced by a local contractor or fabricator is a common practice.  If you understand the associated risk, potential quality, or service differences, this appoach may be low-cost and best value option.  Smaller fabricators are set-up to provide profiles or services that can be easily customized.  The risk often is the inability for smaller fabricators to provide the same level of technical support (if any), extended warranties, or any test data beyond what they can pass-through from thier suppliers or equipment manufacturers.  “Expect less” and pay less can be a smart strategy or a risky business practice?  With the popularity of roll-forming machines and advanced shop equipment in the market, standing-seam profiles tend to be readily available.  Most metal shingle profiles, however, tend to feature custom embossing and intricate folds that can only be created by large hydraulic presses with custom dies.  Contrary to standing seam profiles have local rollformers and national system suppliers, metal shingle manufacturers typically are offered only by large national fabricators interested in selling “systems” rather than components.




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