Standing Seam Facade

Why Vertical Seams?

Metal standing seam profiles are common for steep-slope roofing.  Applying a “roofing profile” on a facade can be a very efficient use of resources compared to other metal profiles (plate, reveal, box or trapezoidal-rib profiles).  The trade-off can be some minor oilcanning, however the long-term performance and flexibility provided by a panel that can be easily stretch-curved (1″ mechanical-seam), offer multiple pan widths, or oriented in any direction should be of interest to many designers.

Horizontal Standing-Seam



Vertical Standing-Seam

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When considering copper, zinc, stainless steel, or other natural metal, consider steel with a bio-based paint as a possible solution.  Find more information on GreenCoat™  under the “metals” tab above.

See the SSAB website for more information on GreenCoat™ color-coated steel