Flat-Seam Tiles


Why light-gauge metal flat-seam tiles? 

Thin profile, flat in plane, interlocking metal panels are easy to install and provide maximum design flexibility especially with patterns, sizes, and tile shapes while also minimizing the use of resources by using less.  Smaller unit sizes have a positive effect on wind resistance and thermal expansion control.  In combination with an ASV mat and a quality membrane underlayment, flat-seam tiles can also be used in steep-slope roof assembly as a “drainscreen” cladding.

SIMPLY-Metal™ is a line of efficient façade and roof profiles featuring light-gauge multi-metals that optimize material use by minimizing metal thickness, panel size, seam loss, installation labor, while maximizing panel exposure.  SM profiles will maintain a commercially reasonable level of flatness imparted by the metal quality, thickness, position of the panel bends and any added surface embossing.  Wind uplift performance, panel movement, sizing, layout, and attachment to the substrate are all carefully coordinated and without compromise.

For a lower transportation footprint, SM profiles are available from a network of independent metal fabricators who are experienced with creating our profile requirements and have the equipment, proper tooling, workmanship and personnel necessary to produce a consistent product.  Supported by our ZA quality-assurance, SM fabricators also provide contractors with added supplier alternatives to further reduce your project costs.


Choose from any of the efficient SM profile choices below:

Optional metals, textures, custom shapes, & layout patterns available specific to each profile.

  • SM Flat-Lock     4-way interlocking/overlapping custom roof & wall tiles  (link to pdf)


  • SM FlushLock™ interlocking wall tile w/ recessed & variable width reveals.  This unique profile offers a flat in-plane panel face with minimal panel depth (3/8” standard) while also creating an aesthetic that is very sleek without any shadow from panel overlaps like a flat-lock tile.  This reveals (3/8” standard) are shallow and variable up to 4”.  The installed system requires a thin ventilation mat between the panel back and the WRB underlayment.  (link to pdf)



Natural Metals

Metallic-coated Metals

Color-coated Metals
Painted steel    … See the SSAB website for more information on GreenCoat™ color-coated steel
Painted Aluminum
Anodized Aluminum

Enhance Façade & Roof Assemblies:

Concealed moisture management:  Add a drainage cavity/ air space/ capillary break behind any SM profile