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MetalVent™ … creates a better metal roof and dry-joint metal rainscreen wall



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Why Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV)?

Adding a thin 8 – 20mm air-space directly below a metal roof panel is an inexpensive and proactive strategy to guard against any moisture that gets past the exterior metal roof or wall cladding.  Including a drainage cavity is a standard design practice for brick veneer wall construction.  Dry-joint rainscreen cladding materials also benefit from the ability to dry out from the backside thanks to a passive air space.  Water that gets past the building skin can be the beginning of a much bigger problem to come.  The preventative solution is roof and wall design that includes air movement, and water drainage directly behind the metal profiles.

So many potential benefits to adding MetalVent ASV to all flat-pan metal roof and wall cladding:

  • Reduce the risk of water infiltration
  • Prevent back-side metal corrosion
  • Thermal break to reduce summer heat gain
  • Noise reduction from outside sound
  • Drainage cavity so water has a path of least resistance to exit the roof or wall cavity
  • Literally takes the “pressure” off your WRB that resists water penetration
  • ideal slip-sheet: low-friction/ low-contact with metal cladding
  • Reduce substrate telegraphing/ bridging gaps with continuous support
  • low-cost air-cavity alternative to batten & counter-batten strategy
  • create a low-tech rainscreen assembly

Extreme weather has a tendency to challenge even good metal roof and facade design.  MetalVent provides a continuous cavity where water can “flow” down and vapor can rise up within a dedicated air cavity allowing the concealed space to dry out.  A low cost “insurance” for many flat metal-roof and metal-wall panel designs, an ASV mat is a smart upgrade to many metal assemblies.

Ventilation Mat/ Capillary-break for metal roofs:

Keene MetalVent-8N

Keene MetalVent-10N

Keene MetalVent-20N


Drainage Cavity/ Capillary-break for metal façades:

Keene MetalVent-10P

Keene MetalVent-10UV

Keene MetalVent-20N