About Us

Who is e-roof?

e-roof, inc. (eRi) is a collaboration of construction industry professionals with varying backgrounds in contracting, architectural design, and installation who bring a range of skills, project experiences, and perspectives to form a team of roofing & façade experts with a focus on architectural metals.  This collective knowledge base provides our architects, specifiers, fabricators, and installation contractors access to a broad range of professional experience to serve and support their project designs.  Titanium-zinc alloy is the common “thread” that binds our team together and is the foundation for our “metals-centered” core competence.  With this crafted-metal background, we apply our knowledge to designs and details that provide long-term performance.  Our primary prejudice is for quality in all phases of the design, specification, construction, and maintenance of the metal installation.  Our value is the experience and understanding behind the solutions and expert assistance we provide our customers.

How can we help?

With a background in technical service, our team can assist architects that place a high value on quality and pushing environmental change via demand.  We strive for solutions to design problems that support best metal practices while optimizing the architects and building owner’s investment in metal.  Our installation and cost estimating experience can also accurately assist with budgets especially when we are included early in the process.  Quality begins with design, is executed with installation, and enhanced with qualified support throughout the life of the project.  Our metal focused attention to detail can be your competitive advantage too.  Contact us to discuss your project or complete a contact request/ project information form.


Our Team/ Bios:

Steve Shull, CSI, CDT, LEED AP®, BSIM, Purdue, 1984.

Steve has over 30 years of credible industry experience working as a technical advisor (assemblies, details & specs), cost estimating, sales, project management, & installation quality control.  Holding positions with residential builders, a commercial roofing contractor, various material manufacturers, Steve has a diverse construction background with 12+ years dedicated to architectural zinc.  As an early adopter of environmental change as they relate to roof construction, Steve’s unique background and eco-perspective can be a valuable contributor to your project.

steve.shull@e-roof.com  ;  m: +1 (847) 878-1118


Georg Koslowski, B Arch, Univ. of BC, Architect AIBC.

As the Director of Technical Services – Canada for a major zinc rolling mill for over 12 years, Georg’s career exposed him to the most challenging architectural-metal applications.  After years of professional practice, Georg is an indispensable design resource who values crafted metal detailing.

georg.koslowski@e-roof.com  ;  m: +1 (604) 908-5599


Lou Rondeau, MBA Rivier College, 2006.

Lou is an accomplished architectural-metal craftsman and roofing contractor with over 25 years of field experience.  Lou also served as the National Applications Training Manager for a major zinc rolling mill for over 5 years and is a certified OSHA 303/305 Outreach Trainer.  Lou’s metalworking skills and ability to problem-solve and teach make him a rare and valuable resource.

m: +1 (603) 930-6336