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e-Roof.com is dedicated to efficient, low-carbon, & resilient roofing strategies for all building types.  The intent of this website is to provide Architects, Designers, Specifiers, Building Owners, and Roofing Contractors with a reliable source of information that successfully integrates sustainability into roof design & building envelope construction.  We encourage any feedback or suggestions you might have.  As this site continues to evolve, we hope you will check back often and provide the feedback that will help us become your source for roof efficiency.



Architectural metal solutions are focused on light-gauge metal roof design and construction.  Following the sustainability parameters outlined looks to reveal high-carbon issues and waste hiding in the design or project documents.


How can we help?

Technical service is our core competence.  Coupled with our work experience and environmental perspective, eRms can help answer your “why” questions based on science.  We can help eliminate (or at least minimize) the use of sealants on the way to a low-carbon solution.  Quality begins with planning & design.  Quality is executed during installation, confirmed by knowledgeable oversight, and verified throughout the life-cycle of the building.  Contact us to discuss your project or complete a contact request/ project information form.


Our Manufacturers:


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Steve Shull, CSI, CDT, LEED AP®

Steve has over 30 years of relevant industry experience working as a technical sales manager (assemblies, details & specs), cost estimating, sales, project management, & installation quality control.  From custom residential to high-rise construction, Steve’s diverse construction background with 12+ years dedicated to architectural zinc.

From the environmental perspective, Steve was an early adopter dating back to 1995 and has been a long-time supporter of:   TNS (The Natural Step), RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute), and other environmental organizations.

steve.shull@e-roof.com  ;  m: +1 (847) 878-1118