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The goal of e-Roof.com is to assist building owners, architects & contractors with roofing strategies that provide long-term solutions that also minimize the ecological footprint of the building construction and operation.  Currently light-gauge metal roofing options are well positioned to provide the best combination of functionality and aesthetics, more environmentally-considerate roofing products and design options have started to appear on the market.


Metal options:

  • metal/ metal alloy
    • natural weathering:                  copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel, corten, muntz (brass)
    • base metal/ substrate               aluminum,  steel,
  • metallic-coated base metal
    • steel corrosion protection:       Zn (galvanized), Al/Zn (galvalume), Zn/Al/Mg (ZalMag)
    • aesthetic metal coating:            Zn/Si+copper (FreedomGrey), Pb+copper (lead-coated copper)
    • metal-plated metals:                 TCS (tin-coated stainless steel)
  • conversion coat/ pretreatment:         chromate, chromate-free
  • color coatings
    • electric-coloring bath:               preweathering bath, anodizing, PVD (physical vapor deposition)
    • duplex color-coatings:               coil-coated colors, print coats, powder coating


Metal roof system components:

  • WRB/ deck protection:                synthetic felt, 30# felt, self-adhered membrane (ice dam protection); breather membrane
  • ASV/ ventilation mat:                   entangled monofilament, dimpled drainage mat
  • profile options:                               standing (vertical), flat-seam, flush-seam, over-lap, custom, etc.
  • warranty options:                          perforation/ paint integrity (material), labor (installation), system (material+labor)





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