Architectural Sheet Metal

colorful – crafted – considerate



The goal of e-Roof, inc. (eRi) is to assist architects & contractors with roof & facade strategies that enhance the system performance while reducing the ecological footprint of the building envelope.  Focused on light-gauge architectural sheet metal (ASM), eRi has the experience and technical competence to provide design assistance and quality-assurance support to achieve long-lasting “crafted” metal roofing and facade solutions.  While innovative materials give specifiers a means to lower the project’s environmental impact, long-term performance and aesthetic value starts with design intent and ends with expert installation.  The result is a resilient roof that can endure for generations.  Let e-Roof help you optimize the benefits of light-gauge for your next roof DESIGN.


Why metal?

Metals provide the opportunity for maximum design flexibility and the possibility for daring or pragmatic solutions while also solving multiple problems relating to economic, ecological, and durability issues.  While pros and cons for all materials exist, metals often deliver the best combination of properties for your roof or facade applications. Compared to other exterior building-materials, metals offer many advantages:

  • colorful                 natural aesthetics, hundreds of RAL color options, fade & chalk resistance,
  • crafted                   folded seams, sculpted terminations, patterned lines, resilient dry-joint details
  • considerate        lightweight, thin sections, bio-based & recycled content, reusable/ recyclable


Metal Roof Design & Spec Considerations:

  • metal options:    copper, zinc, aluminum, steel, lead, SST, Brass, & various other metal alloys.
  • metallic-coated metals:   galvanized-steel, Zn-Al coated steel, lead-coated copper, tin-coated SST,
  • color processes:  pre-weathering bath, anodizing, coil-coated colors, powder coating
  • profile options:   standing (vertical), flat-seam, flush-seam, over-lap, custom, etc.
  • metal accessories:  roof underlayments, ASV (above sheathing ventilation) mat, snow-retention, etc.
  • quality control:  material/ product references, contractor training,
  • warranty options:  material, labor (installation), full system (material + labor)





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